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Biographical and personal documents

Newspaper cuttings, printed obituaries, material relating to inquest, and tributes. June - Nov. 1954.

Paper, 8 sh. in envelope. Some items also in K/5. 'Memoir' by M.H. Newman, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society: 1, 1955, with book plate for the 'Alan Turing Prize for Science' offered at Sherborne School inside front cover, formerly held in A/1 missing since 1999.


Articles and press cuttings referring to AMT and his work. 1946-71. Includes some TS translations of items from foreign periodicals. Assembled by Mrs Turing.

Paper, 47 items in envelope. 1 item in Japanese. Some items also in K/5


'On Alan Turing and the origins of digital computers', by Brian Randell. Comprises 2 copies of the article: one as first published in University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Computing Laboratory Technical Reports Series No. 33 (May 1972), the other as off-print from Machine Intelligence 7, Edinburgh University Press (Nov. 1972).

Paper, 2 items in envelope.


See K/7


3 ALS and 1 TLS to R.O. Gandy on AMT's death. June 1954. From Christopher [Bennett], Philip Nicholas Furbank [Turing's executor], Don [Bayley] and Mrs Sara Turing. Includes CTS copy of AMT's will.

Paper, 8 sh. in envelope.


Obituary material. n.d. Comprises:- corrected MS of obituary of AMT for The Manchester Guardian by M.H.A. Newman; TS obituary notice for Nature by R.O Gandy; and TS additional obituary notice for The Times by R.O. Gandy (not published).

Paper, 6 sh. in envelope.


3 ALS and 1 TLS addressed to M.H.A. Newman. 1954-5. Includes recollections of AMT and comments on Newman's Royal Society memoir, 1955, from Mrs Sara Turing, James Hardy Wilkinson, Robin O. Gandy, and N.E. Hoskin.

Paper, 8 sh. in envelope.


1 ALS to M.H.A. Newman from R.O. Gandy. n.d. [1955]. Contains extensive references to AMT's published, unpublished, and projected work. Some annotations by Newman.

Paper, 4 sh. in envelope.

See also D/4


1 ALS and 2 TLS to M.H.A. Newman regarding publication of AMT's papers from Harold Davenport, Kurt Mahler and Alonzo Church. 17 Mar. - 30 June 1958.

Paper, 3 sh. in envelope.


2 ALS and 4 TLS recollections of AMT sent to Mrs Turing, before and after the publication of her biography, Alan M. Turing (Heffer: Cambridge, 1959). 26 Nov. 1956 - 23 Mar. 1971 and n.d. Comprises:-

  • Davies, D.W.
  • Erickson, Ralph O.
  • Goodwin, E.T.
  • Lee, Walter H.
  • Lerner, A
  • Pigou, A.C.
  • 2 copies of review by N.A. Routledge in Cambridge Review, 11 June 1960, of Mrs Turing's biography.

Paper, 14 sh. in envelope.


'Additional notes on Alan M. Turing and papers relative to him and his work'. c. 1946-64. Contains MS, TS and CTS notes made by Mrs Turing, with quotes from her own letters about her son's childhood, recollections of AMT's school and university career assembled from teachers, colleagues, etc. (generally dated but not all in chronological order and some unattributed), tributes, comments and assessments of AMT's work, etc. Includes press cuttings, articles, and a section 'on the manner of Alan Turing's death'. Also includes 1 TLS from Albert M. Uttley, 1958 on ACE and 1 TLS from Vivian Bowden, 1964, as well as a transcript of part of a letter by Donald Michie on chess-playing machines*.

Paper, 51 items in envelope. Some items also in K/2 and A/1-2.

* See also D/3


Teaspoon, with label by Mrs Turing: 'This is the spoon which I found in Alan Turing's laboratory. It is similar to the one which he gold-plated himself. It seems quite probable he was intending to gold-plate this one using cyanide of potassium of his own manufacture. E. Sara Turing.' [The verdict of the inquest on AMT was suicide. Mrs Turing never accepted this, believing that his death was an accidental consequence of scientific experiments carelessly conducted].

2 items in envelope.

See also A/11


Non-scientific writings. Comprises:-

  • AMS short story by AMT, untitled and n.d. [sometimes referred to as Pryce's Buoy]
  • 1st page of AL from AMT to Lyn [Irvine, Mrs Newman], May [? 1954]

Paper, 4 sh. in envelope. Incomplete.


Obituaries and tributes to AMT. 1954. Including:- obituary notice in Hazelhurst Gazette, Autumn 1954 (2 copies, one corrected by Mrs Turing); TS translations of sections about AMT's life and work made in 1967 from a Russian work, The Beginning of Cybernetics by A. Lerner; and 'Caption under Alan's photo at N.P.L.'

Paper, 5 items in envelope. 1 item also in K/7.


9 ALS and 4 TLS received by Mrs Turing on AMT's death, from colleagues, schoolmasters, neighbours and friends. Several refer to the circumstances of AMT's death, and to the inquest. 15 June 1954 - 8 Dec. 1955.

Paper, 15 sh. in 3 envelopes.


6 ALS to Mrs Turing in answer to requests for information while preparing her biography. 1957-8. Comprise:-

  • Jones, Ivor (Bomber Command Bombing School)
  • O’Hanlon, G. (Schoolmaster, Sherborne School)
  • Puntis, Rev. H.A.
  • Ross, A.H.T. (Schoolmaster, Sherborne School)
  • Scott, A.O.

Paper, 7 items in envelope.


11 ALS and 3 TLS to Mrs Turing from readers of her biography, several with recollections or appreciations of AMT. 2 July 1957 - 21 Mar. 1969 and n.d.

Paper, 18 sh. in 4 envelopes.


1 ALS and 3 TLS to Mrs Turing about AMT. 24 Sept. 1960 - 25 Apr. 1969. Comprise:-

  • Clifford, G.D. (Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers)
  • Jones, W.T. (AMT at Princeton)
  • Routledge, Norman
  • Sutherland, N.S. (University of Sussex Laboratory of Experimental Psychology).

Paper, 5 sh. in envelope.


Printed information and correspondence regarding the A.M. Turing Award, instituted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and first awarded in 1966. c. 1974. Includes 1 TLS from Charles Bachman to Mrs Turing about the award, 30 May 1974, and MS notes on the subject by Mrs Turing, perhaps prepared for Sherborne School magazine.

Paper, 15 items in envelope.


Shorter biographical items. Comprises:- sketch of AMT as a boy, inscribed by Mrs Turing, 'Alan at Barton House. Aged 6?'; 1st page of AL in French from John Turing, AMT's brother, to their father, 4 Sept. [1923]; and specimen of AMT's signature.

Paper, 4 items in envelope. Photograph of AMT moved to K/7. 1 item in French.


9 ALS, 7 TLS, 1 APCS and 2 telegrams to AMT. 1931-51 and n.d. Mainly expressions of congratulation on various achievements, some including general information or reflections.

Paper, 21 items in 5 envelopes. In chronological order.


2 TLS from R.F. Stoney to Mrs Turing containing biographical information on the Stoney and Crawford families. 30 Dec. 1956 and 9 June 1957. Also includes MS notes on Turing family genealogy. n.d.

Paper, 3 sh. in envelope.


Printed articles, newspaper cuttings and TS copies of reviews of Mrs Turing's biography. 28 Nov. 1959 - Dec. 1960.

Paper, 19 sh. in envelope.


2 ALS and 2 TLS regarding possible German edition of Mrs Turing's biography, and proposed publication of 'Collected Works'. 24 June 1971 - 2 June 1972.

Paper, 5 sh. in envelope.


Xerox copy of article by John Turing in Law Society's Gazette entitled 'Articled clerk fifty years ago'. 21 June 1978. Contains a paragraph about his brother, AMT. Also second article in same series which contains no mention of AMT. n.d.

Paper, 2 sh. in envelope.


5 ALS, 3 TLS, 7 CTL and 1 APCS between AMT, R.F. Kahn, J.M. Keynes, G.H.W. Rylands, J.T. Sheppard and others relating to the financial arrangements for AMT's teaching positions in King's College. 10 Dec. 1939 - 28 June 1954.

Paper, 23 items in envelope.


Off-print, 'Alan Mathison Turing 1912-1954' by M.H.A. Newman, from Biographical Memoirs of the Fellows of the Royal Society (Vol. 1, Nov. 1955). Includes a bibliography of AMT's work.

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Notebook containing details of 'Biography Expenditure' and accounts for Mrs Sara Turing. 1959-74.

Paper, 1 notebook and 3 sh. in envelope.


Newspaper cutting and xerox copies from The Guardian relating to the forthcoming biography of AMT (Alan Turing : the Enigma) by Andrew Hodges. 14 and 23 Jan. 1980.

Paper, 2 items in envelope. Printed.


2 TS versions of 'Turing and the origins of digital computers' by C.J. van Rijsbergen. 30 Mar. 1982 and n.d.

Paper, 2 items in envelope. Xerox copies.


Xerox reviews of Andrew Hodges' book, Alan Turing: the Enigma, by Rudy M. Baum 'Tragic life of a brilliant mathematician' from CandEN, 21 May, 1984; Jeremy Bernstein 'A portrait of Alan Turing' from The New Yorker, 20 Jan. 1986; and John W. Dawson, Jr. in The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 50, No 4. Dec. 1985.

Paper, 3 items in envelope. Printed.


Theatre programme for 'Breaking the Code' by Hugh Whitemore, based on the life of AMT and starring Derek Jacobi. Includes reviews of the play from The Times, 23 Oct 1986 and The London Standard, 22 Oct. 1986.

Paper, 3 items in envelope. Printed.


9 ALS, 11 TLS and other material relating to the unveiling of a commemorative plaque for AMT at his childhood home in Guildford, Surrey, and for a Turing computer room at King's College. 13 June 1985 - 28 June 1988.

Paper, 12 items in envelope. Some items xeroxed.


Information leaflets relating to Intelligent Terminals Ltd., an 'Industrial Associate of the Turing Institute', devoted to research in artificial intelligence. c. 1985.

Paper, 3 items in envelope. Printed.

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