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Publications, lectures and talks

Xerox of 'Lecture to L.M.S. Feb. 20 1947' on ACE. Comprises AMT's TS with AMS additions.

Paper, 31 sh. in envelope.


Xerox of MS notes taken by D.R. Hartree of lectures on ACE given by AMT. The notes were made available through the kindness of Prof. M.V. Wilkes, to whom they were passed on by DRH. In an attached note, Prof. Wilkes writes, 'On a series of Thursday afternoons Dec. 1946 and January 1947, Turing delivered a course of 7 lectures on the design of the ACE at the Ministry of Supply in London.' The notes are dated 23 and 30 Jan. by Hartree. They refer only to lectures 6 and 7 of the course.

Paper, 10 sh. in envelope.


'A practical form of type theory I.' Heavily revised TS, pages numbered 1-30, with 3 additional un-numbered pages, the last bearing a note by R.O. Gandy, 'Practical forms of type theory. First draft'. Pages 1-2 of this document explain the purpose of the paper, which was to have appeared in two parts. The first part, considerably altered from the draft, appeared as 'Practical forms of type theory' in Journal of Symbolic Logic (Vol. 13, No.2, June 1948, pp. 80-94). An off-print of this article sent to A.E. Ingham, 'with the author's compliments', is included. R.S. 1948b. For the MS of Part II of the projected work, see C/6 and D/2

Paper, 41 sh. in envelope. Some sh. printed.


'Intelligent machinery, a heretical theory', a lecture given to '51 Society' at Manchester. 2 versions, one TS numbered 1-10, the other CTS numbered 96-101. c. 1951

Paper, 16 sh. in envelope.

See also B/20 for additional TS version


'Can digital computers think?'. TS with AMS annotations of a talk broadcast on BBC Third Programme, 15 May 1951.

Paper, 8 sh. in envelope.

See also letter from C. Strachey in D/5


'Can automatic calculating machines be said to think?' n.d. TS of a broadcast discussion transmitted on BBC Third Programme, 14 and 23 Jan. 1952, between M.H.A. Newman, AMT, Sir Geoffrey Jefferson and R.B. Braithwaite. 2 TS, one with MS note by Mrs Turing, 'This script is sent with the consent of the BBC', and the other with MS note, 'Please return to R.O. Gandy'.

Paper, 61 sh. in envelope.


'Digital computers applied to games'. n.d. AMT's contribution to 'Faster than thought', ed. B.V. Bowden, London 1953. Published by Pitman Publishing. TS with MS corrections. R.S. 1953b

Paper, 10 sh. in envelope.


'Checking a large routine'. This was a paper given by AMT on 24 June 1949 at the inaugural conference of the EDSAC computer at the Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge, and published in the Report of a Conference on High Speed Automatic Calculating Machines, pp.67-9. The paper as published contained several transcription errors, and a corrected version, with comments, was published by F.L. Morris and C.B. Jones in Annals of the History of Computing, (Vol. 6, Apr. 1984). Comprises xerox of the 1949 paper and off-print of the 1984 version under the title, 'An early program proof by Alan Turing', made available by courtesy of the authors.

Paper, 6 items in envelope. Xerox and printed.


'Computing machinery and intelligence'. TS copy of article published in Mind (Vol. LIX, Oct. 1950). In Mrs Turing's ring-backed binder with MS title by her. The paper is paginated pp.2-40 and also pp.146-84. There is a TS footnote added between pp.159 and 160 with a MS note in [?AMT's] hand.

Paper, 40 sh. in envelope.

See B/19 for off-print


Extract, 'Equivalence of left and right almost periodicity' from Journal of the London Mathematical Society, (Vol. 10, 1935).

Paper, 1 sh. in envelope. Printed.

See also D/11


Off-print, 'Computability and λ-Definability' from The Journal of Symbolic Logic, (Vol. 2, Dec. 1937).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Extract, 'On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem' from Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, (Ser. 2, Vol. 42, 1937); and extract 'On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem. A correction.' From Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, (Ser. 2, Vol. 43, 1937).

Paper, 2 items in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'Finite approximations to lie groups' from Annals of Mathematics, (Vol. 39, No. 1, Jan. 1938).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'The extensions of a group' from Compositio Mathematica, (Vol. 5, No. 3, 1938).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'Systems of logic based on ordinals' from Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, (Ser. 2, Vol. 45, 1939).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'The use of dots as brackets in Church's system' from The Journal of Symbolic Logic, (Vol. 7, No. 4, Dec. 1942).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'A method for the calculation of the zeta-function' from Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, (Ser. 2, Vol. 48, 1943).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'Rounding-off errors in matrix processes' from The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, (Vol. I, Part 3, Sept. 1948).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'Computing machinery and intelligence' from MIND : A Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy, (Vol. LIX, N.S. No.236, Oct. 1950).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.

See also B/9


TS, 'Intelligent machinery, a heretical theory.' Lecture given to '51 society at Manchester. c. 1951.

Paper, 6 sh. in folder.

See also B/4


Off-print, 'Some calculations of the Riemann zeta-function' from Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, (3, 3, 1953).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Off-print, 'The chemical basis of morphogenesis' from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, (Series B, No.641, Vol. 237, 14 August 1952).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Publications by others

These off-prints and other publications are arranged alphabetically by author.


Three off-prints, 'The word problem in semi-groups with

cancellation' from the Annals of Mathematics, (Vol. 52, No. 2, Sept. 1950) with annotations by AMT, Robin Gandy and M.H.A Newman.

Paper, 3 items in envelope. Printed.


Programmers' handbook for Manchester electronic computer. Mark II. with errata sheets 28 Mar. and 9 Jul. 1951, and Programme sheets, 1951.

Paper, 1 vol. and 11 sh. in envelope. Printed.


Publications by others

These volumes and off-prints, many of which have annotations by AMT, are listed alphabetically by author.


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