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Publications by others

These off-prints and other publications are arranged alphabetically by author.

Provenance: This material was not included in either of the two earlier sections of the catalogue of Turing Papers prepared by the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre in 1977 and 1985.


Carpenter, B.E. and Doran, R.W.

Off-print, 'The other Turing machine' printed by the Department of Computer Science, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, (Vol. 20, No. 3, 1975).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Crypton, Dr.

Article, 'The simplest brainiest computer' in Science Digest, (Vol. 92, No. 9, Sept. 1984, pp.78-81).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Davies, D.W. (ed.)

A.M. Turing's original proposal for the development of an electronic computer (Com. Sci. 57, National Physical Laboratory, Apr. 1972).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Good, I.J.

Off-print, 'Studies in the history of probability and statistics. XXXVII. A.M. Turing's statistical work in World War II' from Biometrika (66, 2, 1979).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Kemeny, John G.

Extracts from 'Turing machines' from The Scientific American, with MS annotations and MS note by Mrs Turing. Apr. 1955.

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Luebbert, William F. and Stoll, Elizabeth L.

Xerox, 'Colossus and the Ultra secret'. Journal and date unknown.

Paper, 22 sh. in envelope.


Mahon, A.P.

Xerox, 'The history of Hut Eight: 1939-1945'. From records held at the US National Archives and Records Administration. June 1945.

Paper, 117 sh. in envelope.


Meltzer, Bernard and Michie, Donald (eds.)

Xerox off-print of AMT's 'Intelligent machinery' from Machine Intelligence 5, Dec. 1969. Includes a prologue by the editors.

Paper, 23 sh. in envelope. Printed.


Newman, M.H.A. and AMT

Off-print, 'A formal theorem in Church's theory of types' from The Journal of Symbolic Logic, (Vol. 7, No. 1, Mar. 1942).

Paper, 1 item in envelope. Printed.


Randell, Brian

Xerox, 'The Colossus' (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Computing Laboratory. Technical Report Series 90. June 1976).

Paper, 77 sh. in envelope.


Watson, A.G.D.

Off-print, 'Principal directions in a gravitational field' from Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, (2. Vol. 6, 1938;

Off-print, 'Mathematics and its foundations' from MIND : a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy, (Vol. XLVII, N.S., No. 188, 1938).

Paper, 2 items in envelope. Xerox and printed.

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