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Xerox and TS copies of 4 ALS from AMT to his mother. 1936-54.Comprise:-

  • from Princeton, xerox copy of 1st page of K/1/43. 14 Oct. 1936
  • from Princeton, Mrs Turing's TS copy of K/1/55. 15 Mar. 1937
  • from Princeton, Mrs Turing's TS copy of K/1/57. 29 Mar. 1937
  • from Princeton, Mrs Turing's TS copy of K/1/87. Jan. 1954

Paper, 4 sh. in envelope.


Folder inscribed by R.O. Gandy, 'Letters from AMT to MHAN [Professor Max Newman] (c. 1940) mostly about Church's "calculus of λ conversion" but also about "ordinal logics" and Church's theory of types. + 1 unsent to Church'. Include suggested dates and notes by R.O. Gandy. Comprise:-

  • 1 ALS from King's College, Cambridge, with notes by R.O. Gandy, 'Early 1940?' and 'Concerning Church's lecture notes on λ calculus and ordinal logics'
  • 1 ALS from Bletchley, 23 Mar., with notes by R.O. Gandy on 1st page, 'Must be 1940' and 'Mostly about λ calcs', and also annotations and corrections in pencil
  • 1 ALS from Bletchley, 21 Apr., with note by R.O. Gandy, 'Must be 1940'
  • 1 ALS from Bletchley, n.d., with note by R.O. Gandy, 'About Ax of Inf. in Church's type theory. Summer or autumn (or winter) 1940'
  • 1 ALS, no heading or date, with note by R.O. Gandy, 'must be 1942' regarding paper in collaboration with Newman (R.S. 1942a) and also referring to AMT's work on 'dots as brackets' (see R.S. 1942b) and his projected extended work on type theory. See B/3 and C/6
  • 1 page of TL to Church, n.d., but begins, 'I enclose corrected proof of my paper "Practical forms of type theory"' (see R.S. 1948b). Mainly about 'Turing machines'. A line is drawn through this letter

Paper, 29 items in envelope.


Mrs Turing's TS and MS copies of correspondence between AMT and I.J. [Jack] Good. 25 July, c. 28 July, and 18 Sept. 1948. Regarding numbers of neurons in the brain, and machine intelligence. Also refers to the 'Shaun-Michie' chess-playing machine described by Michie and included in A/11. (These are additional copies of K/1/76a, K/1/76b and K/1/77).

Paper, 5 sh. in envelope.


5 ALS, 1 TLS, 3 APCS and computer typescript from AMT to Robin Gandy. 1952-4. Xerox copies formerly held, then originals received after the death of Dr. Gandy in March 1996, with an additional letter which had not been xeroxed. The letters are all written from Wilmslow where AMT was living when Reader at Manchester University, and where he died. They contain personal material, comments on Gandy's work and thesis, and references to AMT's work. In some cases, all or part of the date has been added in Gandy's hand, indicated by square brackets. Comprise:-

  • 1 TLS, [Early 52] (original of K/1/80)
  • 1 ALS, 23 Nov. [1952] (original of K/1/81)
  • two letters (the first is original of K/1/82) written on computer typewriter with AMS corrections. [Early 1953]
  • 1 ALS, 11 Mar. [1953]
  • 1 ALS, [1953]. Before 30 May 1953 (original of K/1/84)
  • 1 ALS, [1953 or 54]
  • 3 APCS, p.m. 8, 10 and 13 Mar. 1954, with 'Messages from the Unseen World', when AMT and Gandy had been discussing Eddington's Fundamental Theory (see Gandy's explanation of these in his letter to M.H.A. Newman in A/8)
  • 1 ALS [1954] (original of K/1/86).

Paper, 13 items in envelope.

Note. The originals of the letters from AMT to Robin Gandy 1952-4 were received with an additional letter 'c. 1953 or 54' and were inserted into D/4 to replace the existing xeroxes.


13 ALS, 5 TLS and 2 TPCS to AMT from colleagues and friends. 1935-52. Mainly on mathematical problems. In cases where a link can be established with a published paper, a reference is given in brackets to the bibliography in the Royal Society memoir (catalogued as A/36). The material is arranged alphabetically. Comprises:-

  • 1 TLS, Paul Bernays. 24 Sept. 1937 (regarding R.S. 1937d)
  • 1 ALS, Rupert Crawshay-Williams. 19 Apr. 1951 (regarding R.S. 1950b)
  • 1 TLS, Sir Charles Darwin. 11 Nov.1947 (regarding paper by AMT on 'Intelligent Machinery', published in Machine Intelligence (5. 1969)
  • 1 ALS, G.H. Hardy. [?late 1930s]
  • 4 ALS, Albert Edward Ingham. 1 June 1937 - 2 Jan. 1951
  • 1 ALS and 1 TLS, John von Neumann. 13 Sept. 1949 and 5 Dec. [? 1951] (regarding R.S. 1950a)
  • MS notes, Maxwell Herman Alexander Newman. Jan. 1935. (regarding Fellowship Dissertation and R.S. 1935a)
  • 1 ALS, Norman [Routledge]. [? 1952]
  • 2 TPCS, Heinrich Scholz. 11 Feb. and 15 Mar. 1937. (regarding R.S. 1937a)
  • 1 ALS, S. Skewes. 9 Dec. 1937
  • 1 TLS, Christopher Strachey. 15 May 1951 (regarding broadcast talk B/5)
  • 1 ALS, Edward Charles Titchmarsh. 1 Dec. 1937
  • 1 TLS, Conrad Hal Waddington. 11 Sept. 1952. (regarding R.S. 1952)
  • 2 ALS, John Henry Constantine Whitehead. 10 and 19 Apr. 1951 (regarding R.S. 1950a)
  • 1 ALS, John Zachary Young. 13 Jan. 1951. (written in answer to K/1/78).

Paper, 41 items in envelope. Some items in German.


Xerox copies of 2 ALS, 7 TLS and related material exchanged between AMT and I.J. Good, and 8 ALS, 4 TLS and 1 APCS exchanged between IJG and Mrs Turing. 1946-58. Xeroxed material made available by IJG from his own archives (see also C/23). AMT signs his letter, 'Prof', and is so addressed by IJG.

Paper, 36 sh. in 5 envelopes.


9 ALS from AMT to Philip Hall and 1 ALS from AMT to P.H.F. Mermagen. 1935 - [1952]. These letters were made available by Andrew Hodges who used them in whole or in part in his biography, Alan Turing: the Enigma. Page references are given in brackets. Philip Hall FRS (d. 1982) was AMT's tutor at King's College, and became a life-long friend.

Paper, 11 items in 3 envelopes.


2 ALS from AMT to Norman Routledge (KCC 1946). [1952 and 1953]. Presented by NR in 1990.

Paper, 2 sh. in envelope.


12 ALS from Robin Gandy to AMT written at University College, Leicester where ROG was a lecturer while still under AMT's supervision for his Ph.D. c. 1951.

Paper, 27 items in envelope. One item incomplete.


2 CTL from Richard Gregory and Violet Cane to AMT, 2 and 16 July 1952. Also 1 TLS from AMT to VC, 9 July 1952.

Paper, 3 sh. in envelope.


1 TLS and 4 ALS from Mrs Turing to Norman Routledge. 12 Nov. 1956 - 10 Jan. 1968. Presented by NR in 1996.

Paper, 7 sh. in envelope. Former ref. Misc. 81/13.

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