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Material given to Kings College, Cambridge, in 1960

86 letters, written to AMT's mother, except where otherwise stated. 1 Apr. 1923 - Jan. 1954. Numbered, annotated and dated by Mrs Sara Turing. Mrs Turing's arrangement has been preserved. Included with letters are photostat copies of 2 caricatures by Mrs Turing:- 'The View from Matron's Window' (drawing of AMT ruminating); and 'Hockey or Watching the Daisies Grow' (drawing of AMT looking at a daisy during a hockey match). Both drawings are annotated by Mrs Turing 'sent to Miss Dunwall, matron at Hazelhurst. Date Spring term 1923.'

Paper, K1/1-75, 79, 87 and caricatures fascicled in 3 folders. K1/76a-78, 80-86 in 4 envelopes under the addressees' names (Gandy, Good, Maria and Young). In chronological order. No. 85 missing. Some items in French.


Précis of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. [c. 1927]. AMS notes putting the argument of The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein in simple form, taking the book chapter by chapter, with directions on how to read it. Includes Calendars for 1928 and 1929 on back cover. MS note on inside cover by Mrs Turing, 'Précis of The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein, written for his mother, by Alan M. Turing, when aged 15 ½' . TS letter inserted inside front cover from Mrs Turing to the Librarian of King's College, presenting the book to the College, 31 May, 1960.

Paper, 1 notebook and 25 sh. in envelope. Includes xerox copy.

See also C/21


Coloured diagrams showing patterns of dappling and calculations, made by AMT in connection with work on morphogenesis. Include:- 3 parastichy diagrams; the daisy ring diagram; 3 Real and Fourier space diagrams; and 2 contour plot diagrams. n.d.

Paper, 8 sh. in envelope.

See also Dr. J. Swinton's web pages http://www.swintons.net/ for detailed analysis of K/3.


TS copy made by Mrs Turing of first rough draft of précis of 'Computable Numbers', made for Comptes Rendues. n.d.

Paper, 2 sh. in envelope. In French


Press cuttings, TS and xerox copies of articles and obituaries. 1946-60. Includes:-

  • 16 press cuttings on ACE, AMT's athletics, and obituaries of AMT
  • TS and TS copy by Mrs Turing of obituary notice for AMT from National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
  • TS copy by Mrs Turing of article on AMT from Nature (18 Sept. 1954) by R.O. Gandy
  • Xerox of 'Man Viewed as a Machine' by John G. Kemeny in Scientific American (Apr. 1955, pp.58-67)
  • Tekhnika Molodezhi (Apr. 1955, pp.7-10), containing an article on Turing machine. Also TS of translation of this article ('Can "thinking" machines solve any problem?' by V. Pekelis), translated by H.J. Norton, 4 May 1960
  • King's College Annual Report, 1954, containing obituary of AMT on pp.5-6

Paper, 17 items in envelope.


TS copies of depositions made at inquest on AMT and cyclostyled copy of post-mortem examination report on AMT. 8 June 1954 and n.d.

Paper, 4 items in envelope.


Photographs of AMT, and related material. 1917-51. Items formerly held in A/4 and Misc. 81/12 have been incorporated into K/7.

Paper, 20 items in envelope.

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